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Client Portfolio Organized By Funding


Under $250,000

  • Salons and Spas: Massage, Beauty, Nails and Tanning
  • Wellness Centres: Fitness Centres, Yoga Centres, Laser Treatment Centres and Flotation Tanks
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Lodges and B&B's
  • Restaurants: Franchises, Bars, Specialty Atmospheres, Pizzas, Hamburgers, Empanadas, Mexican Foods and Crepes
  • Construction Related Businesses: Scaffolding Services, Residential Construction, Specialty Homes, Renovation Business, Excavation Services (specialized), Specialized Green Technology HVAC systems, Granite counter top sales and fabrication, Hardwood Flooring Sales and Installation, Manufacturing Specialized Garage Doors and Concrete Services
  • Infrastructure Inspection Services: Sewers and Water Mains, Energy Assessments and Thermal Imaging
  • Retail/Wholesale Business: Art Sales, Fashion Design Companies, Custom Jewellery Design and Sales, Bakery, Pharmacy, Grocery and Gas Bars, Gift Store, Custom Car Brokers, Lawn and Garden Stores, Sports Clothing, Carpet Retailer, Sporting Goods Store, Mobility Scooters, Cell Phone Sales and Gold Panning Equipment Sales
  • Information Technology: Software Developers, Video Gaming Stores, Web Design Business, Sports Statistics Site, Computer Services, Electronic Devices, Bus Information/Entertainment Systems, Wi-Fi Antennas, Telecommunications Company and Domain Registration
  • Human Services: Home for Seniors/Assisted Living Homes, Recreation Services for Individuals with Disabilities, Dental Services, Photography Services, Occupational Health and Safety Services, Personal Finance Brokers, Concierge Services, Water Safety Services, Online Marriage Matchmaking, Indoor Youth Activity Centre- Skateboarding/BMX bike related activities
  • Specialized Services: Research & Development - Wood-Burning Powered Generators, Research & Development Solar Power Technology, Investment Services, Business Consulting Services, Marketing and Communications Services, Law Enforcement Training, Industrial Supplies Company, Waste Transfer & Recycling Station, Purchase and Sales of Precious Metals, Helicopter Businesses, Glass Repair Business, Security Firms, Journal Book Manufacturing, Costume Rentals (Kids), International exports of used clothing, Medical Supplies Company, Events Organization and Management, Lawn Care Services, Talent Agencies, T-Shirt Printing, Plumbing Company and Bowling Lanes
  • Automotive/Tool Related Services: Mobile Tire Services, Private Limo/Chauffeuring Services, Automotive Detailing, Mobile Tool Rental Services, Tool Rentals and Mobile Automotive Lubrication Services

Under $500,000

  • Canada-China Import/Export Company
  • Specialized Green Technology for HVAC Systems
  • Installation of HVAC Systems
  • Several Restaurants
  • Talent Agency
  • Hotel/Lodge Accommodations
  • Underground Pipeline Inspection Services
  • Development of Fitness Software
  • Research & Development - Specialized Excavation Tool

Under $1,000,000

  • Distributing Granite Slabs
  • Installation Of Commercial Solar Systems to Resell Power To Grids
  • Acquisition of Existing Bottled Water Company

Over $1,000,000

  • Waste Management and Recycling Operation
  • Buying Homes and Reselling Through Rental Options
  • Car Washing Business
  • Custom Cars and Body Shop Repairs
  • Home Automation and Energy Management Business
  • Construction & Operation of a Storage Facility
  • Acquisition of Water Front Real Estate
  • International Learning Institute
  • R&D and Commercialization of Wind Turbines
  • Expansion and Commercialization of Asian Food Import Company
  • Construction of a Spa
  • Specialized Television Network
  • Acquisition Plan for Public Company
  • Hides Importing and Exporting International Trade Business
  • Relocation of an International Trading Company
  • Organic Composting Company

Over $10,000,000

  • Expansion to a Food Processing Plant
  • Acquisition of a Horizontal Directional Drilling Company
  • Building a Natural Gas Power Plant
  • Expansion of a Bio-Fuel Research & Development Project
  • Fibre Optic Installation Company
  • Specialized Building Materials Manufacturing Plant

Over $100,000,000

  • Aircraft Leasing Operator
  • R&D Company for Alternative Fuels (Jatropha & Micro Algae Plant - Fields & Operations)